If you’re looking to buy or sell, you may be wondering whether you should work with a real estate agent or a real estate team. Below we will compare real estate agent vs real estate team to help you make a decision.

What is a Real Estate Team?

A real estate team is a group of real estate professionals working together. The size of the team may vary, with some as small as 2 professionals working together, to real estate teams of 20 or more. Each team will have a person in charge, like most organizations, called a team lead. If the real estate team is very large, it may have more than one team lead.

What is a Real Estate Agent, or Solo Agent?

A solo agent is pretty self explanatory: just one real estate agent. You can expect this agent to be present for every step of the way, and handle every part of the process of your real estate transaction.

Real Estate Agent vs Real Estate Team: What is the Difference?

A real estate team consists of many professionals. For example, the Michele Barone Homes team consists of Michele, the Team Leader and licensed Realtor®, a transaction coordinator and a director of marketing. Having this team of professionals focusing on all aspects of your real estate transaction means your transactions may run more smoothly and be completed at a faster pace.

Here is an example of how a real estate team may work together during a real estate transaction:

The real estate agent may show homes to a buyer, while the transaction coordinator will be handles all of the paperwork and day to day communication. The marketing director may be busy promoting a property for sale, while the agent is busy finding the seller their next home.

Pros of Hiring a Real Estate Team vs A Solo Agent

There are many pros to hiring a real estate team, including getting multiple professionals for the same price. Working with a team doesn’t cost you additional money, but you get those additional professionals working in the background to ensure you the best real estate transaction and experience.

Another benefit to using a real estate team is that tasks can be delegated, so that your agent is free to work directly with you (rather than being buried under paperwork, etc).

Having a marketing professional on staff is a huge benefit to hiring a real estate team. Not all real estate agents are also marketing professionals. With a marketing professional working closely with your agent, you can feel confident they know what marketing strategies sell homes.

Michele Barone Homes is a talented contingent of real estate experts, seeking to bring you the best customer experience in buying and selling a home.

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