Having access to the best Florida school systems in an important factor for families who are looking to buy a home. The location of where you buy can majorly impact your child’s education. If you are relocating to an unfamiliar city or town, it can be even harder to determine which areas provide access to the best Florida schools. That’s where we come in! We’re experts on the South Florida area, including all of the best communities and schools.

How to Choose the Best Florida School Systems

Below we detail a process for finding the best Florida school systems for your child.

Check online for school ratings, try these websites:


Read Reviews

Listen to other parents! Read reviews of any school systems you are considering by typing the school name into Google and reading the reviews.

Think Past Elementary School

Consider where your child will go after elementary school to make sure you have good schools zoned for middle school and high school as well.

Research Through Local Facebook Groups

Find local Facebook groups if you can’t decide between schools, and ask experiences others have had. Bonus: you might make friends before you even move to that school district by doing this!  

Check Neighborhood Zoning for the Best Florida School Systems

Find out what neighborhoods are zoned for different schools. If only 1-2 neighborhoods are zoned for a particular school, you will have to make sure there is enough housing inventory for you to also find your dream home in that area.

Look into School Programs

Think about what programs are important to you and make sure your school offers them (gifted, ESL programs, magnet programs, school activities, etc).

Contact Michele Barone Homes

Lastly, contact Michele Barone for more insight and to help find a school system and home for your family that fits your needs.